Lending Pools Update, NFT Markets v2, & Migration

  • Updated lending pool structure merges different collections (based on risk profile) to aggregate liquidity and simplify the process
  • Migration is not required until features like airdrop flashclaims and flashrepays are launched.

New Lending Pool Structure

Pools have been renamed and restructured — new NFT markets will be listed as pools based on their risk profile

NFT Market v2 & Migration

To provide better and more robust support for our upcoming NFT Mortgages product, the NFT supply markets required an important update.

  • Support for Airdrop flashclaim — claiming airdrops with pending loans
  • Support for flashrepay — accept bid on marketplace to repay the loan
  • Implemented proxy contract — further updates won’t require migration
  1. Click on your supplied NFT market you wish to migrate and enable collateral.


Do I need to repay current loans?
No, loan repayment is not required for migration.

About Drops DAO

Drops protocol provides financing and loans for NFT assets. Enabling to purchase NFTs with down payments or use NFTs as collateral to obtain instant loans.



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