Drops Weekly Digest. August 30th — September 5th.

UI updates

Last week our new homepage was launched reflecting our product direction changes: https://drops.co/.
In the past month, we’ve been working on NFT loans pages. Currently, it’s over halfway until completion.

veDOP interface 99%

Mainnet launch is coming together with lending pools. Voting with veDOP will allocate DOP among lending pools.

NFT Lending Pools 65%

We’ve been working on deploying test NFTs to optimize NFT price oracle.
NFT price oracle is also near completion.

Non-chainlink markets 65%

Working on integrating Uniswap and Sushiswap time weighted average price.

Loans stats 60%

Building UI integration for lending markets stats page.

TVL and public stats 90%

Completed API endpoint to display supply, borrow, cash amounts for lending markets. Working on reserves endpoint.
Preparing submission to DeFi Pulse and DeFi Llama.

Our marketing activities

We got featured:

Drops: Unlocking Liquidity in Liquidity-starved NFT Art & Collectibles market

Price Appreciation Isn’t Guaranteed, So Start Making Money With Idle NFTs And DeFi Assets

NFT Options To Consider If You’ve Overpaid For Digital Collectibles

Drops is where Idle NFTs and DeFi Assets can be used to Access Loans




Instant loans for against NFTs https://drops.co

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Drops DAO

Drops DAO

Instant loans for against NFTs https://drops.co

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