Drops Weekly Digest. August 23rd — August 29th.

Product Update:

  • Working on UI updates
    New landing page (100%)
  • veDOP interface 99%
    Mainnet launch (70%)
  • NFT Lending Pools 60%
    - Testnet NFT data (90%);
    - Testnet price resources (60%).
  • Non-chainlink markets 60%
    Price oracle integration
  • Loans stats 55%
    UI integration for market stats page
  • TVL and public stats 95%
    - Markets API (100%);
    - Submission to Defi Llama, DeFi Pulse (65%).

Drops Stats:

  • Total supplied: $5.9M;
  • Total borrowed: $3.2M;
  • DOP Liquidity Uniswap: $1.4M

Marketing Activities:

Instant loans for against NFTs https://drops.co

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Instant loans for against NFTs https://drops.co

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