Drops Launches Ambassadors Program with DOP Rewards — Apply Within!

The Drops team is pleased to announce the launch of our Ambassadors Program, which will reward successful applicants for a variety of actions involving Drops content.

We’re looking for creators, international community managers, networkers and more — if you’re interested, keep on reading and fill out the application form!

What we’re looking for

The Ambassadors Program seeks to improve the presence and awareness of the Drops NFT platform within the wider cryptocurrency community, to spread the word about the future of NFT infrastructure.

Drops is looking for a range of ambassadors who will fill one of several roles. These include:

  • Creator: Creating content such as articles, infographics and videos (even memes and gifs!). This option is suitable for a person who wants to assist with creative content, but does not necessarily have to be very active or influential on social media.
  • Foreign community manager: Managing one or more of the international Drops telegram channels and translating Drops content into their region’s native language. This option is most suitable for a person who has strengths in communicating with people, especially in an international language.
  • Promoter: Promoting Drops on platforms such as Twitter, Youtube, Discord, and other social media channels. This option is a best fit for people who are active and have a large presence on social media, but may not necessarily be strong at creating original content.
  • Networker: Connecting Drops with strategic partners. This option is suitable for a person who is strong at networking and connecting people, or is particularly well-connected in the crypto industry.

Ideally, international Drops ambassador candidates will be native to one of the following countries: Netherlands, France, Spanish-speaking countries, Germany, Norway/Sweden/Finland/Denmark, Nigeria, Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Arabic-speaking countries, Brazil, and China.


Successful applicants for the ambassador roles will be compensated bi-weekly in Drops Ownership Power (DOP) — the official token of the Drops platform. The value of this compensation will vary depending on the role, ability and influence of the ambassador.

How to get involved

If you think you’d be a good fit for one of the ambassador positions, apply for the Ambassadors Program. Bonus points if you’re already a Drops expert!

About Drops

Drops brings DeFi-style infrastructure to NFTs, adding much-needed utility to idle NFT assets. Users can leverage their NFTs to obtain loans and earn real yield, reducing the opportunity cost of holding NFTs long-term.

This Drops infrastructure will become increasingly important as we witness the rise of “financial NFTs” — an expansion of the space beyond digital artwork into more tangible financial instruments.

Drops will offer gasless transactions and a smooth user interface by leveraging the layer-two platform Polygon, enabling fair and frictionless participation for all users.

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