Drops Launches Ambassadors Program with DOP Rewards — Apply Within!

What we’re looking for

  • Creator: Creating content such as articles, infographics and videos (even memes and gifs!). This option is suitable for a person who wants to assist with creative content, but does not necessarily have to be very active or influential on social media.
  • Foreign community manager: Managing one or more of the international Drops telegram channels and translating Drops content into their region’s native language. This option is most suitable for a person who has strengths in communicating with people, especially in an international language.
  • Promoter: Promoting Drops on platforms such as Twitter, Youtube, Discord, and other social media channels. This option is a best fit for people who are active and have a large presence on social media, but may not necessarily be strong at creating original content.
  • Networker: Connecting Drops with strategic partners. This option is suitable for a person who is strong at networking and connecting people, or is particularly well-connected in the crypto industry.


How to get involved

About Drops



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