Drops DAO Community Update

A Look Back & Where We Are Today

Future Plans & Developments

DAO Governance

NFT Community Competitions

Ambassador Program

Partnerships & Integrations

  • Pocket Network: We’ve partnered with their project to help build a more robust and decentralized network infrastructure, leveraging their relay chains and nodes
  • Bridge Mutual: Drops is working with their team to provide insurance coverage on NFT assets sitting within our lending pools
  • NFTBank: Our collaboration involves integrating their technology in order to leverage NFT loans tracking and optimize NFT portfolio management on Drops. We’ve also added their floor price feeds to our Chainlink nodes to make the oracle more robust and resilient.
  • REDACTED Cartel: This partnership will enable bribing for NFT collections and collectors to influence veDOP holders to vote on their behalf, both for whitelisting collections and distributing rewards (emissions)


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