Drops Bi-Weekly Digest. September 6th — September 19th.

These last couple of weeks have been productive.

Thanks to our Community, we’ve reached 20K Followers on Twitter.

We’re getting close to launching NFT-as-collateral testnet, launching DOP loans market, and veDOP.

DOP loans market will arrive before DOP staking.
It will be possible to earn DOP by supplying DOP for lending as well as borrowing funds against it, essentially staking DOP to earn more DOP.

veDOP will have a more important role once NFT lending pools are launched. Through veDOP voting, users will allocate DOP rewards to different lending pools.

Another important area is Drops positioning in the competitive lending market. We started writing a new whitepaper to elaborate more on that.

We aim to turn Drops DAO into a community-owned metaverse bank.

Product Update:

Drops protocol whitepaper v2.0 90%

DOP lending market 10%
Setting TWAP price feed for DOP

veDOP interface 99%
Mainnet launch (80%)

NFT Lending Pools 85%

  • Testnet NFT data (99%);
  • Testnet price resources (90%);
  • Frontend interface 80%.

Non-chainlink markets 70%
Price oracle integration

Loans stats 65%
UI integration for market stats page

TVL and public stats 99%

  • TVL API (100%);
  • Submission to Defi Llama, DeFi Pulse (80%).

Drops Stats:

  • Total supplied: $5.9M;
  • Total borrowed: $3.4M;
  • DOP Liquidity Uniswap: $1.5M.


We’re excited to announce a partnership with Attrace Network, for a Drops Loans referral program. Attrace is a leading decentralized referral system, which will enable Drops users to earn commissions for attracting liquidity providers to Drops Loans. Read here.

Marketing Activities:

We got featured:
On Newsbtc, Drops Allows to Maximize Returns on NFTs and DeFi Assets by Leveraging Them as Collateral.

On Cryptonews, Drops allows NFT Holders & DeFi Traders Consistent Returns on Digital Assets Holdings.

Participated in a telegram AMA session hosted by DeFiRaccoons.

We got mentioned:
By CryptoMo.

By Coinquora, NASCAR Swerves Into The NFT Sector With RacingDayNFT.

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Instant loans for against NFTs https://drops.co

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Instant loans for against NFTs https://drops.co

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